about us


We have been a pair of coffee - obsessed musicians searching for the greatest cup o’joe and the next greatest melody.

Having found a home at the Omaha Conservatory of Music, we found many people who share our passion for music and caffeine, so where else would we realize our dream of creating the ultimate space to center yourself and commune with fellow creatives?!

Your Addicts,

Candace and Cody Jorgensen


Accelerando Coffee House is a local artisan coffee house and performance venue. Our goal is to provide a creative space for the community to gather, recharge, and enjoy the best cup of coffee around. We use top local products and have regular events and performances from musicians, poets, and artists in our area to promote local business, creativity and community.

Candace and Cody Jorgensen are the owners, as well as local musicians and artist-faculty at the Omaha Conservatory of Music.

This is our dog Ella Fitzgerald. She’s pretty rad.

We worked on cruise ships for a while. This is Janine, a friend and loves giant coffee.

We believe everyone can love coffee. Even bears.

EllaFitz doesn’t really like her strawberry.

For a few years we worked in Hong Kong. This is one of Candace’s classes.

A coffee shop in HK liked Candace so much they made her into latte art.