We are a specialty coffee shop using (awesomely) locally roasted coffee.

As an artisan coffeehouse, our goal is to provide a creative space for the community to gather, recharge, and enjoy the best cup of coffee around.

We enjoy the craft of preparing the perfect drink, whether it’s balancing the boldness of espresso into the sweetness of steamed milk, brewing the best chemex around, or the simple joy of a delightfully sweet mocha we take pride in every drink on our menu.

In 2018 we sashayed into making our own delightful baked goods, that accompany our famous grilled cheese menu (more than you’d think – trust us).

We invite you to try out our coffee and taste the advantages we have in being a small shop run buy coffee fanatics.



Candace and Cody met, fell in love, became obsessed with coffee, and travelled thousands of miles. Eventually they found themselves immersed in the Omaha Conservatory of Music (Candace in cello, Cody in voice) and the opportunity to fuse their music and coffee by opening their shop inside the walls of the Conservatory.

Our baristas are always genuinely loving humans and are excited to share their passion of great food and drink and their corners of the world with you. And as our customers are just as wonderful, we know you are going to have a delightful day when you visit us.